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Aircraft Parking, Hangarage or Office Space Rental

If you are requiring Aircraft Parking, Hangarage or Office Space Rental, please contact us:

Tel: +44 (0) 2476 30 8623


Aircraft Noise complaints

Should any member of the community be concerned about aircraft noise, please complete the Noise Complaint form here.

Notifiable Obstruction 

Working, building and events in the vicinity of an Airport can present significant risks if not managed responsibly by developers.  This can include events using fireworks / lighting / sky lanterns, construction sites and drone flying.

As a result, we always encourage you to communicate with us should the activity fall within at least 6km of the airfield.

If the activity or development requires the use of lifting equipment, mobile or tower cranes, they should be operated in accordance with British Standard 7021 and CAA Publication - CAP 1096.  The Airport should be notified of plans to erect these cranes at least 21 days in advance.  

Please click here to inform us of your notifiable (a specific drone form is linked in the Unmanned aircraft section below) activity (events using fireworks / lighting / sky lanterns, construction sites wishing to use lifting equipment, mobile or tower cranes).  

NOTE: Do not proceed with your operation of a Crane or tall obstruction equipment until permission has been granted.

Further guidance on cranes near aerodromes can be found here: CAA Guidance to crane users

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones & Model Aircraft/Helicopter)

Operating a Drone or Remote Control Aircraft/ Helicopter (Small Unmanned Aircraft)?

Information about Safety rules that apply can be found on the CAA website;

On the 31st December 2020 new regulations and law to protect airspace around UK aerodromes came in to effect and is active 24/7/365. 

The new laws apply to all Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) as identified above.

Flight Restriction Zone & Runway Protection Zone (FRZ & RPZ) extents: Coventry FRZ & RPZ Chart

Permission to operate a UAS/Model aircraft within the vicinity of the airport is required, if your flight is within our FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone) and/or the RPZ (Runway Protected Zone).

To request permission to fly inside the FRZ/RPZ/ATZ, please send the details which can be found on the Environment page
Please be aware that flight requests should be requested 7 days in advance and are not guaranteed to be accepted.

NOTE: Do not proceed with your flight until permission has been granted.