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From the 13th March it will be illegal to fly any drone at any time within the Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) unless you have permission from Coventry Air Traffic or, if the air traffic service is not operational, from the airport itself.

To request permission to operate a drone, please fill in the following request, and allow 7 days notification prior to the flight.

Please give us full details about your planned flight, including:
Date; Time; Duration of flight; Specific location; Maximum altitude of operation; loss of control/ fly away procedure.

On receipt of the above information, we may request further information if it is a commercial operation, including a copy of the companies flight procedures manual as well as a copy of relevant licenses and insurance.

We aim to respond to all requests within 7 days. 
No flight can take place inside the Coventry FRZ without the permission of Coventry Airport Limited

Submission of this form does not grant permission to fly!